ZA 2024 videos not available?

So I received 3 emails, one each day for each episode of the Zwift academy on the Eurosport Youtube channel (I didn’t receive any for episode 2).

  • The 1st one (episode 1) I was able to see
  • The 2nd one (episode 3), the link just takes me to the Eurosport Youtube channel’s main page, where the episode is nowhere to be seen
  • The 3rd one (episode 4) takes me to the video, but it says " Video unavailable - The uploader has not made this video available in your country"

What’s going on? How do I watch episodes 2, 3 and 4? I’m in France.

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All available on this website:

Well that gives me the link to the videos, but doesn’t change the fact that all episodes after the 1st are “not available in my country.”

Zwift, please fix that.

Ah, didn’t read your post carefully enough.

Sounds like it needs to be fixed by Eurosport, but maybe Zwift can influence them?

@shooj I can see that you’ve edited the title, is someone looking into this?

On my side I’ve contacted Eurosport who said they were forwarding my request to the appropriate division, but nothing has been done.

There’s no reason why the Eurosport stream should be geo-blocked if you’re located in France.

This is the collection of the Zwift Academy videos, which have all been published. You’re saying that you still get a geo-block message? Is it the same result if you watch on your phone vs. a laptop on the same home network?

Is a VPN / Apple Private Relay active on whatever device you’re using to watch?

@shooj I can confirm that episodes 2-4 are still geo-blocked in France. Also the page you linked only lists episode 1 when accessed from France. I have a residential IP that is correctly geo-located in France by

I tried proxying through two VPS I own, one in Germany, one in the US. I can watch all episodes from these IPs (and the page you linked then lists all 5 videos). Which, I guess, solves the problem for me.

I confirm too, from PC or Androïd mobile in France its not possible to see episode 2,3,4.