Finals Feb 2024

Is there a link to the finals on Youtube?
Please post or send me a link. Thanks.

I don’t think anything has been posted yet, but I did see a preview video today on the Eurosport YouTube channel. I think the finals are supposed to be in the same place starting tomorrow (Feb 20).

it’s strange i’ve seen next to no promotion of this from zwift. Maybe i’m just not paying enough attention but a post on forums/email/fb would seem like obvious places to promote it if they want people to watch.

It looks like Episode 1 will be on the Eurosport YT channel later today. Looks like about 7 hours from now.

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Day one

Released at 3:20 pm EST

Basically just a heavily edited full frontal workout.
They did a 20 second, 3 minute, 6 minute, and 12 minute effort.
They are all about the same. Only one said she saved a bit for the last effort.
These tests always say go all out. But, if you know there’s a six and twelve, you’re a fool to go all out on the three. Yes?

Not terribly exciting, as compared to prior years, but I’m glad no one was sent packing yet. Hopefully tomorrow and Thursday will bring the level up a few notches.