Zwift Academy Workout Not Registered


A bit of background. I have completed Workouts 1-3 plus the first race doing the short version of each. I decided to do the longer version for Workout 4 - Fast Twitch HIIT. For some reason this workout hasn’t registered on my Zwift Academy profile. It exists in my activities on both Zwift and Companion however, rather than the activity name including “Workout 4” it was just called: Zwift Academy - Fast Twitch in France. The rest are titled “Zwift Academy: Workout 3 | The Finisher in France” for example.

Any suggestions?

My time due to work is contrained which will make it hard fitting in the workout again before the deadline along with completed 5,6 and race 2.

I have renamed the activity to match the other workouts but that hasn’t changed anything.


I think you will need to contact Zwift Support.

You may find that the chat bot doesn’t help. You need to keep on saying no not helpful and eventually you will get through to somebody.

A quick question - I notice you did w/o 4 in France on a day France wasn’t in the world rotation. (Looks like you were hunting a route badge?) did you enter France via a meet-up? I ask because others have found that ZA workouts in meet-ups don’t get recognised.


No meetup, I did do a short race before hand, but I’m almost certain I left and saved that ride, then selected the workout from the main menu and just picked a route available that I hadn’t completed. The same procedure as I have done before.

I’ll try support,


Re France: my fault I had not realised or forgotten you can select any world to do the workout in.

Also not registering w/o 4 even though it’s checked off. It’s after-hours now so will be contacting Zwift tomorrow.