Wrong times on Zwiftpower when starting order is reversed

I just finished the two races of stage 4 of the ‘Race Like a Champ’ series. When analyzing my results for Stage 4a, I noticed that the times on Strava and Zwiftpower seemed off.

Zwiftpower shows me a time of 10:48, while Strava reports a moving time of only 7:51.

Doing a quick search, I found this old post (cannot include links, sorry): t/strava-and-zwift-time-not-the-same/570760

The general issue described there seems to be fixed, because I could not observe the behaviour for any other stage. The difference with stage 4a is, that the starting order of the categories is reversed, because of the two back-to-back races.

Comparing the race results from the companion app with Zwiftpower confirms this bug.

Cat D times are one minute slower on Zwiftpower
Cat C times are two minutes slower
Cat B times are three minutes slower
Cat A times are four minutes slower

This makes comparing race results between categories impossible and also invalidates the general classification, because it is time based.

Is it possible to fix this bug and change the times for the affected races on Zwiftpower?

It’s not a bug, Zwiftpower will automatically do this.

It probably shouldn’t.

James, I think we are talking semantics here. The “problem” with wrong times on Zwift Power for the 4a races in the Race Like a Champ October series still hasn’t been corrected as of 3 hours ago. This results in improper times for this race as well as the GC for the monthly series as Thomas states above. Based on previous experiences, addressing this through Zwift customer support will result in a boilerplate email followed by a response a few days later stating that “due to technical difficulties, Zwift cannot resolve the problem”. So I am asking you, who appears to be the only Zwift person that is actually helpful, what can be done to resolve this issues? It seems to me it shouldn’t be that difficult to correct these offsets. If Zwift cannot change code, then start the A’s first followed by B, C and D since that appears to work. Why present a monthly race series in which the participants can’t trust the times. It continues to amaze me that Zwift can actually develop and field a complex multi-player game yet continuously stumble on the simple stuff. Thanks.

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The event organiser can change the event type from cat and mouse to category based.

Unfortunately in this case I appear to be the event organiser :joy:

Going to see if there’s a way to do these in bulk as I’ll have to do the same for Race Makuri.

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