Race Like A Champ Series 4a

Anyone noticed that on the Zwiftpower results for the 4a race (24/10/2022) that the offsets don’t reset on each category? So for instance a person in with a faster time in the B cat (over say a C cat racer) in the Zwift Companion App, ends up slower in the Zwiftpower results list.

A cat riders appear way down the list with C category riders getting faster times, the stats don’t add up…or am being dense ? (Wouldn’t be the first time :wink:)


Same in the race I just did an hour ago. Race A results are all weird as you described. B is fine.

So many people didn’t sign up for both races, neat idea, but doesn’t work well with the current interface.


Yes, in the race I did the categories are listed as C, D, B and A with the winner of each category being faster than the next. So C cat winner has a time of 10:07, D cat winner is 10:34, B cat winner, 10:42 and A cat winner 11:47.

It looks like the start time offsets (which are +4 min for A, +3 min for B, +2 min for C and +1 min for D) are being added to the actual race times as the A cat winner did 7:47 according to the Companion app. 7:47 in companion app compared to 11:47 in ZwiftPower.


STAGE 4a: RACE LIKE A CHAMP - Queens Highway
2022.10.26 GMT+8 20:10

I have been waiting for “2022 Race Like A Champ" ZP rank update one and a half days, apparently the update has been delayed.

Now see the ranking has been updated, no surprise that total time is not right

Emailed zwift support, let’s see what kind of response I will get ↓

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