Wrong AVG HR on Zwiftpower


In my latest race WTRL TTT stage 5: Link: /events.php?zid=1686746
My avg HR says 173 on Zwiftpower. Correct avg HR would have been 185-186BPM.
Link to strava: /activities/4761818286 (data also taken from Zwift)

If it not working correct it would be better to remove it. Couldn’t add link so you have to add ZP and strava address manual

Wouldn’t this be because you sit in the start pen for some time prior to your team’s start time? Just a thought… I haven’t done a TTT so I’m unsure of the exact mechanics of how the data is processed to exclude any time spent in the start pen.

That is probally the case in this race. But other TTT I have done have just HR for the race.
Like: /events.php?zid=1204930 185BPM (F)
/events.php?zid=1232543 187BPM (F)
/events.php?zid=1289226 184BPM (B)

And you can see we have waited i startbox in this races too.