Would like to try a dedicated all around training plan for a fairly advanced rider any suggestions?

Its indoor road bike season where i live . Can ayone suggest a good training program that they used on zwift . Fairly advanced rider and pretty strong but would like to try dedicated training plan on all diff assests of cycling.
Thanks hope to hear lots of replies

For a fit cyclist, first choice: get a coach. Second choice: Build Me Up plan. There’s a series of articles on Zwift Insider about it if you want more detail than you see in the plan.

Was looking for a zwift program that people like not a coach. Thanks for response ill check out the 2nd one you mentioned .

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Trainer Road. :slightly_smiling_face:

Browsing training plans is a bit of a chore within the zwift ‘game’ so luckily someone has created a website for this very purpose…

You indicate that you are a fairly advanced rider, so i would assume you would have an idea on what you would like to improve. I expect you would also have an idea on training methods.

I’m holding a decent FTP of 3.8w/kg so feel like the majority of improvement plans are a little lacking in depth. I usually sit down at this time of year and note down some workouts in a flexible schedule to complete over the winter and mix them in to more casual zwift rides & IRL rides.

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Wow great ftp youve got thanks for the response. Ill check out the web page link . I would like to try a dedicated plan that is flexible also . I may lean toward ftp buidler and jusst some higher pace rides .
Thanks again