Training / workouts

I’m relatively new to Zwift, and would like to do more structured training rather than just ride and race. In particular I want to increase my W/kg (currently just on the A/B borderline at 4.1ish) and my power on flatter courses (I weigh 59kg so really struggle to keep up with 90kg guys!). I’m a little overwhelmed with the workouts/training on Zwift, so anyone have any tips for which is best to achieve this ? It just seems pick and try, is there a list of the different types of program?

Finally, what’s the difference between ‘workouts’ ‘training’?


Hi @John_Sanderson_7330, I would suggest the Build Me Up plan, I’ve done that one a few times and liked it. Others seem to agree, it is one of the more popular plans. Alternatively, give the Zwift Academy workouts a try from the last few years, these are not organized in a plan so you have to make it up as you go along. If you have a good base fitness, and have been training a while, then don’t be surprised if you don’t see huge increases in FTP at this stage, it’s all about marginal gains.

Not much really, there are either individual workouts, or training plans (a group of workouts scheduled every week).

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