Worng pairing

For over a year I use tacx flux2 using the bluetooth today i tryied to connect with ANT, after paring the tariner, zwift found tacx fe c 100, I dont hold this kind of trainer (see picture) , anoyone knows how to fix it/

Fe-c is the ant protocol. That’s the correct way to pair it

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Only thing wrong there is that all three should say FE-C. Re-pair the power source.

Ideally, delete knowndevices.xml, start Zwift again and just wait. If nothing happens, pair controllable. The other two should pair themselves.

It looks like you have paired the trainer and cadence via Ant+ but the power source via bluetooth

it should still work but probably best to have them all on one or the other.

Thank you.
Delted the files and pair it again…
My rider is not moving