World choices

How is the world choice schedule complied?

i’d like to see it a bit more randomised - the same 2 worlds are always paired up which doesn’t give the best choice day to day.

You can always create a meetup. Meetups let you pick from any world, and you only need to invite one other rider (who doesn’t need to turn up) to have a Meetup.

This doesn’t address the same worlds always paired up, but September is pretty even other than Richmond getting 12 days and Innsbruck only getting 3. All other worlds are even at 9 days each. Wonder why Richmond is favored?

I think it makes sense to not pair the smaller worlds together like Paris and Richmond.

I guess what i really want is all worlds open all the time!


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They are, but only for PC and Mac users.

yeah I know, I mainly use the android version these days and wish you could do it without a hack or any workarounds needed

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