Run 3 worlds at once during the period of increased load

I saw that Yorkshire was swapped out for New York the other day, with people speculating that the expected concurrent rider count would be too high for such a small world.

As such I wondered if it would be worth including support for 3 worlds to choose from at once, either during the COVID-19 induced peak only, or in general going forwards. I’d split it into the following 3 groupings:

  1. Watopia (permanent as usual)
  2. “Large multi-route guest worlds”: London & New York
  3. “UCI/race courses”: Richmond, Innsbruck & Yorkshire

Another option if that’s not very feasible might be to “shard” the smaller worlds, so that riders can only see/draft/interact with a subset of the riders in world at once, maybe grouped by region / auto-shard based on a rider limit (e.g. 1000 riders at Yorkshire). Meetups/events/“ride with X” can pull you into the organizers area.

I don’t disagree with your comments, but many times just going in reverse has much less people. That was true in Yorkshire last time I rode there, or just go upstairs in NYC - very empty.

Personally, I don’t mind it being busy in terms of rider count, for me it’s more worrying that the smaller worlds (especially Yorkshire which is my favourite guest world) might have to get pulled to cope with the raw numbers.