Workouts Modified in Text Editor Not Loading

I can’t work this one out. Zwift at latest update (as of Jan 29). Two separate computers Mac Pro and MacBook Air. I build a custom workout - no issue. Edit it in textedit - still saved as a .zwo file and for the life of me it won’t load again - doesn’t come up in the list of custom workouts. Even if I don’t change anything and just save it, same issue. I’m stumped. At first I saw the file at extended attributes with it (UTF-8 attributes) but I removed them and still same thing. Any suggestions?

We don’t support or recommend editing workouts in a text editor as this can cause validation errors and prevent the workout from loading.

If you have problems using the in-game editor or feedback on how we can improve it, be sure to share that in our Feedback or Feature Requests forums.

Sorry to drag up such an old post, but I had the same problem. I switched to using TextMate application on the Mac and edit with this. This seems to not mess around the with file like TextEdit does.

Hope that helps