Workouts from plans be available anytime


It would be very helpful to be able to access individual workouts from the Training Plans at any time.

This helps if you’ve missed the window of completion.  And also allows accessing favourite workouts.  

Really frustrating when a workout is no longer available due to time limit.

Can I support that, especially on Zwift Run - the plans (half marathon for example) assume the “long run” is on a weekend so its not available even if you have completed the other elements that week. I only have access to a treadmill at work so would like to do a long run mid week but cannot.

Thank you for the suggestion! We’ve had quite a few of these requests and we’re constantly exploring new changes to the training plans. If you have any other suggestions let us know! 

I would also like the ability to access the training plans on my schedule.
Also, would like to have access to the training plans using Zwift companion and be able to schedule the workouts in advance with calendar reminders, as is available when signing up for events.