Workouts and TDZ

(Tim) #1

Can I do a work out while riding a stage of an organized ride such as the TDZ?

(Tim) #2

I just tried to do this several different ways and it seems the answer is NO.
I joined the London tour and and did a work out as part of my warm up and when I got the message to join the event, it appeared the work out stopped. After ending the event (I did not complete it) it did not take me back to the work out.
I may try this again.

Also once in ride, the keyboard shortcut (E) to get to the work out screens did not work.

If anyone is able to do this, please let me know.

I know the Tours are supposed to be social and work outs are solitary.

(Claus) #3

I don’t think, it can be done in Zwift alone.

But it is possible to ride in Zwift and let another app control your smart-trainer, so you can ride a workout or use ERG-mode while doing a Fondo or a stage of the Tour de Zwift.

I have tried this with the Wahoo Fitness app using ERG-mode to pace my ride on the last Fondo and have also used TrainerRoad to do a workout during a Fondo. TrainerRoads isn’t free, though, so not the optimal solution…

But you cannot do a Zwift-workout while riding a Group Ride or similar in Zwift.

(Tim) #4

Thanks for the answer, I know I should be able to stay in zone 1-2 on my rest days but it is just too temping. More discipline I guess.