Workoutmode lacks in smart trainer control

Workout: The McCarthy Special 
Trainer: Tacx Bushido Smart.
All trough the workout at all power levels zwift turned the resistens on/off/on/off…
That is something my legs cant handle att and above FTP watt, but worse the workout was boring due too this.

Until Zwift figured a way to control the resistance my suggestion is to use the smart trainers build in power curve (as on FTP intervall) to get a smother workout.

Keep up the good work, beta time is running out :wink:

I found something similar just now on Bushido - but it seemed OK for lower W segments. It was all over the place for higher effort segments (low pwr, to high pwr jumps back and forth).

Today I tried SST (Short).
The trainer control was better but not good.
Hope for steady smooth control in near feature :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: