EGR mode in workouts

The trainer control (Tacx Bushido) is much better now. in green, yellow and red mode it is very stable, only watt is still a bit jumpy. but when workout is in blue and grey  the trainer often get now resistens very often. 

I am lucky to own a Bushido Smart since last week. I must say that it behaves perfectly with Zwift. During workouts, the power tracks the setpoint, even if I change my cadence or gearing. There is a small delay for the adjustment but really not a problem. I had to update the firmware on my brake but now everything is flawless. I think Zwift and Bushido Smart works great together. I am just wondering what resistance level to set in normal rides (non-erg mode) for a realistic road feel. I have found the Bushido a fairly strong brake, so I don’t set the resistance to max in Zwift, otherwise every little change in incline would lead to a great change in resistance. Comments welcome !