Workout Simulator

I enjoy targeting my PB times for segments like the hilly KOM/lap, EPIC KOM, volcano lap etc. as I use it as a measure of my fitness progression.

I thought it would be good however to have a simulated race workout using levels to monitor fitness progression.

So this could be 4 laps of Watopia Hilly where I enter workout mode at my current fitness level alongside 10 simulated riders of very similar ability. The race starts and the first objective could be to stay in the pack. Then say 2 riders attack. Do you stay with the group and work to bring them back or attack and join the other 2 where the objective is to work together and stay away. With all 10 riders of similar ability it doesn’t really matter what you choose you will always have a chance to ‘win’ the workout, but the type of workout may differ and becomes dynamic, always changing during the workout depending on the choices you make. You could attack at any given moment, or it could come down to a bunch sprint at the end. If you finish top 3 you move up a level so the next time you enter simulated workout mode its that little bit harder.

Now you may have a different fitness level for Epic KOM vs a flat route so this would have to be accommodated by perhaps only having 3 types of workout routes of varying lengths.

However once your fitness levels are established you can then have a social workout inviting others to join you in the race against 10 bots. Work together or not but the aim is to finish top 3 to move up a level.

I haven’t worked out all the details but I hope that gives you the general idea!

I like your Idea, it is a bit like a game but still structured training. 

Good idea, but I prefer real racing and group rides. There is just something about AI that is different.