Improved workout mode


Tried out the workout mode and liked it a lot!

The downside as I see it is that:

  1. you ride among all others, which can be disturbing when you are not in workout mode. This is especially when you ride in peak hours.

  2. You still get up on the leader board. that’s not fair in my opinion. 

So to improve this would it be possible to either ad a Velodrome or a TT track where all workouts can be performed? These tracks could of course then be used for scheduled races as well.

Or if testing riders went the other way

The addition of a velodrome would be great; but it wouldn’t be great to have all workouts restricted to the velodrome. It would have to be optional as some of us like working out in the open world.

everyone wants to be separated, lol!

this is a social game!

can’t we all just get along and ride along?


It would be better to have two maps running at the same time. One for racing and the other for training.