Workout prompts

Just an idea for later release, Would it be possible to have the prompts on workouts to be read out to you as well as just displayed as sometimes i find it difficult to follow if i am under pressure with my workout or sometimes I totally miss out when they instruct me to do something like reduce power or increase cadence also when an alert is displayed what is coming up next to be ready for it, as i am to involved in keeping up.

I don’t think i would want to listen to a robot/computer read the text.
But a notification sound as the text show up on the screen will be nice.

Yes that would be a good idea, at least it might get your attention if your cadence is high and zoned out during a high intensity workout.

Im thinking of one more idea.

How about moving the text a bit down.

Also what about after the text has been shown on the screen have it scroll at the bottom,

Another idea is to have a small recall button displayed on bottom or top corner of screen so you could have the option to review the text if missed when displayed first. Could be handy for someone who didnt have time to finish off reading all text shown

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Not just recall but replace “nearby riders” on the right, giving you the ability to read all the previous prompts in order like a messaging service. Similar to the new group messaging in the pens.

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That could be a good idea

There is actually a notification sound that plays currently whenever text in a workout shows up. But it’s not a loud one, so if you have your volume turned down or you’re listening to music that’s louder, you may not hear it. A more distinctive “ping” might help.

Ah its OK I have got used to it