Audio cues in training mode

(Stuart Davis) #1

Having had my first look at the training plans, I noticed that I suddenly wasn’t holding the expected power during the warmup, it regularly ups the target figure, but as my eyes aren’t fixed on the screen 100% of the time I don’t notice it changing.

Would it not make sense for an audio prompt to sound to alert you to glance up at the screen?


(Sam Thornton) #2

I had the same experience, and started to wonder if I’d mis-read the target power the first time round.

It would help if ramping power within workout segmentl is more obvious. Some cues, flash new target power on screen, change colour coding somewhere on screen, give an audio signal or similar would be great.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #3

A nice 3-2-1-GO visual and audio would be great leading up to the start of an interval as well as a count down for the remaining five seconds or so.  I’m not sure what audio cues I would want to hear for higher or lower target power.  They probably should try to find something that is language neutral to avoid translation issues.

(Sam Thornton) #4

Cues for increas/reduce power vs target would quickly get annoying but in a warm-up where you’re ramping power (last one I did ramped in 20w jumps every few minutes) it would be good to have the change in target made a bit more obvious. Just a short beep to get my attention would be fine, something to help me get close to a perfect score on each interval by making sure I don’t miss a change in target for too long. :slight_smile:

(Damian Cronin) #5

I would love to see the inclusion of more Audio and Visual cues during workouts. An indicator that shows when the required power is about to change and if its going to go up or down. Some onscreen feedback and information would also improve the overall experience. BTW I love the new workout mode and look forward to seeing where you take it.

(Peter Lin) #6

+1 on audio cues

(Trevor Daniel Z-CYMRU) #7

+1 from me - I am regularly missing the wattage changes…