Audio cue before the next workout block

Hi all,
Winter is coming, which means Zwift is also back into my life !
During my last few trainings (I’m doing the Build Me Up plan), I noticed that I couldn’t hear the sound that used to alert me 3 seconds before the next workout block. Did I miss something during the summer season or is it just me ? I can see the colored portals, but I can’t hear anything besides the “ding” when passing through the arch. I realy loved the 3-second audio alert, especially during short hard intervals, as it lets you know that you’re almost done when you’re not watching the screen for example. Both volume sliders are at the max in Zwift settings. Any idea anyone ?

The audible countdown is still there… do you hear any of the game sounds?

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Yes, I can hear the other game sounds, such as the alert when going through the workout portal, and other bells and whistles ! I don’t know why this specific sound doesn’t play anymore !

FYI: it is a little lower pitch than the one that goes off when you go through the gate. So there are two lower pitch “dongs” and then a higher pitch “ding”

Yes, I know what it sounds like, because I used to hear it, but not anymore ! Maybe I should reinstall Zwift from scratch, even though I’d prefer not doing that…

Double check you’ve got both sound options turned up.

Seems too random just to lose that noise. Have you turned off workout pain ?

Both sliders are maxed out and workout pain effect activated.

How odd. Can’t offer an explanation. Might have to submit a ticket.

I’ve reinstalled Zwift from scratch and deleted the Zwift folder in My Documents, and it still doesn’t work ! Really strange ! The only temporary workaround I found is to activate Game Sounds in the notifications settings of the Android Companion app…