Audio Prompts

Since warm weather has arrived but i’m still in the middle of a 12 week workout program, i’d like to try a Zwift workout while i’m out on the road. Does Zwift have audio prompting that you could play through Companion on your phone? For example, it would tell you to throttle up to X amount of watts for however much time is required, then tell you to throttle back again when done? It would me much easier to do it this way out on the road than to be constantly be glancing down at a phone screen.

It doesn’t no and given that Zwift is an indoor training app i doubt it’ll ever be a feature.

You could replicate the workout on an app that supports voice prompts, not that i can think of any.

You could create a workout to upload to your cycling computer.

Zwift is portable, and runs on my droid phone, hooks to the same sensors on my road bike, so there is nothing to stop me from running the workout while i’m on the road.

You could upload a similar workout to your bike computer, but what would be the point if you did not get credit for doing the workout in Zwift?

It does have some audio cues from the companion app, the ringing bell as you come up to the next workout gate comes through the companion app I’m pretty sure. It doesn’t tell you what zone or target watts you are about to enter into, but it does ring the bell a few times letting you know the next zone is about to start.

The setting is in the companion app under notifications, “In Game Sound Effects”

That’s a start and better than nothing! Thanks!