No sounds before passing interval arches

Just did a structured bike workout today and I was missing the countdown sounds before a new interval starts. There was only a sound when the interval started, but no countdown before.
Please add this again as I found it very useful, especially in stressful workouts.

Re-upping this as this is annoying. Did a group workout recently and the sound was there. On solo workouts it is gone. I am running Zwift on MacOS.

I’ve had this too. I think the missing sounds only happens on Watopia, but are fine on the current guest world. Do you see the same? Support suggested gfx drivers, but am not convinced. Only started to happen after guest world was introduced.

I’ve noted this also, but my experience is that I sometimes have the sounds, and sometimes don’t, WITHIN THE SAME WORKOUT. I find this really strange. Where is the consistency?

Could very well be limited to Watopia. Only doing my workouts there.

Same issue here, really looking forward for an update on this matter! I’m not looking at the screen all the time while on heavy loads, the 3 sec warning helps me get ready of what’s coming…
P.S. I’m using IOS platform.

Im using Apple TV running the latest version, and am also not getting 3 sec warming beeps at the end of each workout interval… can we get this feature added back in…?