Interval Arches


(Willie) #1

Since new update, no interval start/stop arches present in game during structured workout. Running iOS but have also heard the same from PC users.

Training mode colored gates not working
(Erik) #2

Is it possible to revert to the previous version that worked on iOS?

(Cleve) #3

Arches for each interval are present on my PC rig.

(Joe) #4

I don’t know if you’re still experiencing this problem, but everything’s been business-as-usual on my PC. No missing arches.

(Hideo) #5

Does anyone use iOS and also see arches?
I still see arches are missing during run on iOS in my environment.

(Johan F.) #6

I am not getting the arches when running on my iPad. Has been happening for at least a week :frowning:

(Trevor) #7

No arches for me either on iOS

(Johan F.) #8

Still no arches :frowning: . Is anyone from Zwift looking at this?

(Willie) #9

Same here. Was excited to see the iOS update for companion and zwift app come through but still no arches. And still can’t see workout details in companion app for half marathon training.

(Trevor) #10

Just noticed the countdown sound that leads up to the intervals (and arches when they were working) isn’t there anymore either.