Workout Power Drops (i.e. 350W to 100W)

I’m using a wahoo kickr with ERG on to do workouts. There are some transitions in the workouts where it goes from 350W for 30s then drops to 100W for 60s. After the interval I don’t get the star, which I can only imagine is because when I’m at 350W, spinning rapidly and when it drops to 100W it’s not seeing any power output from me even if i’m spinning at 100rpm. Should i be shifting gears to make this a successful transition?


I’ve changed gear a few times but I think I did it more to get rid of the “reduce speed” warning … never been overly fussed about stars when it comes to the slower rest periods. Make sure that you have some gears left when spinning at 350w though - I’ve tripped myself up a few times when I didnt realise I had no gears left due to ERG!