Reduce power - Spin faster

im using a tacx flux smart trainer which is connected via blue tooth to my phone and use my Apple Watch as my heart monitor.

I am fairly new to this and have just started using the group work outs in erg mode. I am having trouble with the low watt part of the rides, as it keeps telling me to reduce my power but spin faster. If I spin faster, my watts increase and I fly past everyone, if I reduce power my rpm slows down and I get the message to spin faster so I can’t win.

I must be doing something wrong but can’t work out what. My gearing/chain is in the middle of the ring but as I understand this shouldn’t make a difference.

Any advice out there? Should I do another FTP test? Would this solve the issue?



Have you tried changing into an easier gear. That may help.

With group workouts if you throw out too much power you’ll be rubber banded back into the pack if you get too much off the front so maybe don’t worry about it?

Hi - thanks for your comment. I thought the whole idea of riding in erg mode is that you don’t need to change gear? Now I’m really confused haha

I use a Wahoo Snap (gen1).  To reach a low-watts/highish-rpm goal in erg mode, I have to shift into an easier gear.  Even to get to 100 watts @ 85 rpm, shifting is necessary for my setup.  

Hi Kellie,

We have some notes and tips on how to use ERG mode in workouts in our KB article here, that might help.