Workout plan mode

I used the new workout plan mode today, however at the end I notiuced my session didnt upload to my Garmin connect account the way it normmaly does,   did anyone else see this ?

I checked your account and it looks like Zwift tried to upload the activity to Garmin, so I am not sure why it didn’t upload. But you can try to upload the fit file manually to Garmin. Go to for instructions on how to manually upload an activity. You can find the fit file on your Zwift Dashboard, . If the fit file doesn’t upload it might indicate the fit file is corrupt.

Hi thanks for the update - unfortunately this is happening more on random occasions example 6th June and 11th June didn’t come through have you any ideas ?

Just getting an update on this since it seems like you may be having internet drops during those uploads. Have you had this happen again lately? If it seems like this is happening too much and you’re not getting any other network connectivity issues, it might be best to send in a support ticket. They’ll go into more detail and get to the bottom of the issue. :slight_smile: