Workout Menu Update [October 2022]

Just adding voice to maintain support for PC created folders, as others have noted.

Mouse-over for watts doesn’t worry me but can see this as a good thing for people venturing into custom workout world.

@Charlie_CC Thanks Jon, I knew I had seen the mouse over somewhere else too but couldn’t remember where. The current interface is a bit weird as you get different screens based on if you choose a workout from the homescreen or if you start a ride then choose a workout you get the old UI. I guess this needs cleaning up in some way too.

I’m warming to the new Home Screen if I’m honest.

But one cool workout feature I would like is my currently scheduled workout for today (which is being pulled from Training Peaks) to be front and center on the Home Screen - maybe the first item under the ‘Workout Anytime’ or rename ‘Events’ to ‘Events and Scheduled’ and have it there.

That would really improve my user experience


Thanks for the feedback and screenshots. It seems that most are using their documents folder to stay organized which is helpful to see. I’ll circle back with the team about the sub folders and graph hover states.

If you think of any further feedback, keep it coming! The thread will be open for 6 more days and I’ll continue to monitor it.

Charlie :raised_hands:


Please improve the access to a Zwifters own custom workouts.
I have almost 200 from a few seasons of winter training, sometimes my coach will recommend a workout from a previous season, and it’s a real PIA to navigate to them now.
I was hoping for an improvement, not more work.
We should be able to have a shortcut on the main screen to go to our custom workout folder, or to a sub-folder.



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