Workout longer than group ride? doable?

Question, I was unable to find the answer to, so maybe the collective group wisdom can help out.

I do a group ride with my triathlon team Saturday mornings. The coach posts a ride in TrainingPeaks, we load it and do the ride. I am following a trainerroad plan this winter and have a different ride scheduled. instead of an hour it’s 2 hours. If I start the group ride and load the 2 hour workout, what happens when the group ride finishes at 1 hour? I know that I can normally keep riding in free ride mode, or could probably load a 2nd workout, but I was wondering if I was halfway through my planned workout when the group ride ended, would I just keep going with the scheduled workout (erg mode) and end up with a single data file when I was ultimately done?

That’s how it should go. The only time I have experienced a difference is going from a free ride into a group ride. Riding in this order the rides do not accumulate and turn into 2 separate events.

Thanks. Yeah I knew that continuing to ride after a group ride would make it one file, I was more interested in what would happen to the structured workout, if it would continue moving me through it in erg mode even after the group ride ends. Thanks for the help.

Are you referring to a Meetup? You will continue with the workout if it goes longer than the meetup is scheduled for, shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah, it’s a meetup. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.