Title not updated when going from workout to group ride

Today I did a workout from the grab fondo plan, and then dropped into a group ride directly afterwards.

When I checked the Strava upload afterwards, both sessions had the workout title.

I think the group ride should have been named from the event title?

I’ve noticed the same thing, I’m not sure if it’s been reported anywhere, but it’s been like that for quite some time. Definitely annoying.

I agree this has been a issue for some time. But I had days where I thought it worked as expected.

Wanted to bump this one up. I feel like there is a specific sequence of buttons (in game and/or on Companion) that can be pushed to get the title to pull through correctly, as sometimes it works, but I’ve been worried about losing ride data so I haven’t played with it too much.

Has anyone figured this out?

I figured it out. Come to a complete stop before clicking the button to go into the event. Then the activity will end.