Workout: Interval lenght/intensity

(Brandon Amos) #1

When you view the details for an interval via the PC application there is not enough information.


Taking SST (Short) as an example.  I can see the yellow coloured intervals are the main SST ones.  I do not though have any idea how long they last nor any accurate details on their intensity.

I’d like to be able to hover over an interval and be told:

  • Its length

  • Intensity in relation to FTP

  • Intensity in terms of watts

Some of the intervals like the warm-up and cool-down have varying intensity. Maybe for these it would state the max and low levels and the interval average

Also the able lists power by watts.  It would be good if this could also include percentage of FTP.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Brandon, exactly this is coming.  Our still in development workout editor already does this, and the workout menu will do the same soon.

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #3

I like surprises