WATT/3Sec and Average Watt in individual training sections.


please show the Watt’s in 3 Seconds-Average while riding and the Average Watts in each Trainings Sections (like in the 20min in the FTP Test)

Thanks a lot!


Hi Florian, the average watts actually do show during the entire 20 minutes of the FTP test.    They reason they don’t show during other workout sections is to encourage you to try and do the remaining time of an interval properly vs trying to make up for a deficit earlier in an interval.  What if we showed the average power *after* each block is done?

Hi Jon,

maybe that’s a solution, because every driver wants different settings - so maybe everyone can individual change the Data-Fields befor he is riding (Watt show in 1 or 3 or 10sec (like Garmin), or Averange Watt/HR/cadence)

Thanks for your answer!


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Or precision as a percentage would be best. Interval and training quality is about hitting your target wattage consistently. i.e. on the 10th rep if your precision is slipping from 98% to 80% and finally to 75% etc, you know you are fatigued and need to stop / recover / repeat the next day.