Remaining distance for intervals in workout mode

(Lars Norrevang) #1

During intervals in workout mode it would be Nice to see the remaining distance for the interval. For example in an interval With an average of 210 watts with 2:20 left, i would lige to see that theres for example 1024 meters left. I know you have the data to calculate it :blush:

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Thanks for the feedback.   The issue with that is that the distance changes every second, as the end of the interval is defined by time rather than distance.  Just like the interval “gates” move along the ride based on your power, the number would be going up or down and it’d be misleading to show it.   Imagine seeing it say 100m left - you might think it was odd if you doubled your power and saw it shot up to 200m to go.    Just moving the gate feels less odd.   Does that make sense?

(Lars Norrevang) #3

Yes it makes sense if you are not in erg mode. However in erg mode, the power output is very steady and the estimated remaining distance will be very accurate. The measure could be called “estimated distance left” and it predicts where the gate is… equivalent to the estimated time on the KOM’s