Detailed Workout review before starting

When starting a workout I would like to be able to review the intervals in detail.  Right now unless the description explains things you don’t know the exact duration or power of the sections until you start the workout.   

I would like to review those details in a preview before starting the workout.  This would allow me to chose a workout to suite my needs better and also allow me to adjust my FTP if I know the workout is too intense or easy for me.   


In addition, I would like to be able to review it from the phone app.  I often lay in bed the night before, planning my workout.  It’s annoying we can’t study them without logging into the game and starting an actual ride.

Agreed… It would also be nice to put the work out training plans on your website as well… I’d like to be able to review the different training plans when I am sitting in my office

Ditto, this is useful especially for short interval sections, imagine 10 sec@500W segment - by the time you read the instruction it’s already over…


I would like it solved in one of the following (or both) ways:


  1. allow to preview the workout - when I hover mouse it shows the power assigned to the segment - it would be as easy as displaying the cue at the same time

2) replace the 3 beeps before segment start with say 10 second countdown (or keep both), and display the cue during the countdown.