Workout - Holiday Pause

+1 I’m 3 weeks in to and FTP builder and suffered an unrelated injury so can’t ride for a week. I’m now going to have to start again which isn’t ideal.

My turbo trainer is out of action due to a warranty issue and its frustrating that I can’t hit pause on the training plan until I get it back.

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We all understand that for a plan to be effective, some level of commitment is necessary. Please do not forget that most of us are not pros, so some level of flexibility would be great (plus or minus a few days at least). Since this is a request of zwift’s subscribers/ customers for quite some time, i cannot see a reason why this request has not been implemented so far…

If you want to have flexibility you can just do the normal workouts, you don’t have to enroll in a workout plan.

Try this one it is an awesome plan And you can schedule like you want.

Click on workouts [1] then select 10-12 wk FTP builder [2] and you can then do them one after the other.

It will show the date you completed the workout and if there is no date you will know you have skipped one or you still have to do it.

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+1. I found many more good workouts in a plan than a la carte. However, I’m now travelling for 1 week, I’d love to pause the plan. I’ve seen the reply that it’s too hard to jump back into a plan after a break, but in my case, I don’t notice any change in fitness level after 1 week off. It’s like a rest week.

Why is no one of the zwift team answering?

I joined Zwift from TR and a couple of weeks in this is the single thing I have found lacking versus than TR - but for those training around life it is absolutely critical. If had known I wouldn’t have switched and seriously considering moving back, just on this, even though I really don’t want to.

My plan was always skip 1 workout a week of the 5 and substitute with a couple of runs but a busy weekend and a good weather forecast mean 1 outside ride is probably all I can get in. A facility to push by X days would be great.

Can see this totally stuffing any plans that run over holidays or inevitable sickness.


This seems like such an obvious improvement. It’s disappointing that almost a full year after it was highlighted this is still an issue. Any idea when we might see a fix?

Based on this having 88 votes, and the ‘workout flexibility’ one having 212, this is one of the highest requested features (and also a lot more simple then world switching). Not sure why Zwift seems to be ignoring it