Workout #3: How did I do?

Where can I see my 20 second power for the two maximum power intervals?

This is a freeride section, because you must give all that you can. All in!
Gear up bevor the section start.

I think I did the sections correctly. My question is, “what was my 20 second power?”

sorry, for the misunderstanding.
I think you see only the max. power on the statistics of your workout in your app. Or the average during the workout section. Perhaps you have a other app (garmin or …) where you can analyze a part of a workout.
I haven’t no other idea. :thinking:

You should have gotten an invite to ‘today’s plan’ as part of signing up for ZA. There you can see your power curve in detail. Both best and latest ride.

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Or in Strava, left side has a tab called “laps” which will give you the same numbers of what you averaged for each section of the workout.


On Strava, click on the Power Curve option and you can see your power for any interval you want (including the 20s power).

Or you couple to Zwiftpower… there you can see your power curve and analyse it by clicking on the 20sec point. Always shows your max, and the max from the last effort

I was really interested in how the two efforts compared, so Zee’s answer was the most useful. Unfortunately, it gives my average for the whole 25 second interval rather than peak 20 second power in the interval–but close enough. The first interval was about 5% better. It was also my best 20 seconds all year!

Thanks. I appreciate that comment. You can click and drag a segment length in the analysis tools in Strava.and make it a little shorter. If you don’t have premium, you can also use an add on widget like “Strava Sauce” that will pinpoint your fastest 15, 30, 60 second and a bunch of longer lengths.