How to visualize improvment in power in different time frames?

Hi all,
how can i plot together or see different power curves showing the different power per time frames in order to check if im iproving? i would like to see if the power max in a 30s is improved after doing a workout plan. is it possible somwhow in Zwift?

Sync your Zwift rides to Strava, sync your Strava rides to for analysis (donate-ware) allows you to customise date ranges and time durations.

Or check out the Power facility on ZwiftPower

Sync your rides to Garmin connect

Thanks Ian, but i assume this will be only for races data right? or i will be able to see on free rides or workouts as well?

thanks Paul, i have only the standard Strava (no paying). it would work as well?

As Paul and Steve wrote - sync your Strava account with, many more possibilities there (comparisons for weeks, months, years, with your age group, …).

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Holly smoke. this is amazing.
thanks guys for the tip


Just an FYI to add to what Ian wrote…

Zwiftpower shows not only races but activities as well

Yes Races, Group Workouts, group rides and group events. Only those rides which go forward to your profile. As you have seen not as comprehensive as However if you are most keen on sprint numbers I have generally found I have performed best in those group rides which focus on sprint training.

Agree but the power data (and segment times), wanted by the OP, only comes from those events which go onto your profile and not from free rides and individual workouts.

yes, i found it. the only thing is that you cant click on it to expand the values, only on races…at least for me

For a non-web solution, GoldenCheetah ( provides lots of analysis options.