Sprint Training in Zwift

Is there a way of trying to track 15s & 30s power over time?
I need to work on my sprinting and want to get some numbers. So for example- I jump onto a free ride and go flat out for 30s then rest then go again, is there any way of seeing the peak power & 30s (&15s) average for each of the efforts?
Doesn’t necessarily have to be in Zwift could be sent to Garmin.

I look at my power curve in Strava premium for this sort of thing - seems pretty decent

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Tuesdays are Power Tuesdays for CryoGen. Tomorrow is an ERG sprint workout - CRYO-GEN Power Tuesday Group Ride - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Think I will give that one a go.

Some data from group workouts will show up in zwiftpower.com, but you’ll get more detailed data from one of the third party applications like Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect, intervals.icu

See you tomorrow

Try intervals.icu. Need to link it up to your Zwift account, but it gives you a LOT of data.

Looks interesting. Will need a bit of time to dig into it.

Your Zwift profile is able to show this. On the bottom is the graph

Thanks. I was after something a bit more granular, being able to compare specific efforts.