Wish to suspend my account till November

I would like to suspend my account until November 2021 as I will be outside pretty much all the time. What must I do so as I am not charged after my last payment, and yet keep my account available to reactivate starting in November 1?

Thank you

cancel it, don’t pause or delete it.


You can pause it but people report it resumes without warning.

You can cancel it and then start it again. You don’t lose any of your progress in terms of levels, kit, XP etc…

Yeah, pause is only for up to 8 weeks and then it kicks back in as usual.

So, I would be better to cancel subscription until November then.

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Yes. Don’t pause it

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Thank you!
Thanks for all the help from everyone. I will miss you all, after the end of March, but I will be back in Novermber! Till then, have fun, while I ride in real life outside with all the real dangers!

if you edit the HTML in your browser you can suspend your account upto as many weeks as you want

You should still get the free 25KM still, so if it’s a rainy day you can still jump on and have a litle ride