Winter training

What are the best winter programs on Zwift for triathletes?

Getting a good coach that you work well with, lots of sub-threshold work, getting an aero bike fit, learning how to ride in that position safely and being average at 3 sports.

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Would disagree with Johnathan on the training focus. Periodization broadly means that training should move from general to specific. FOR TRIATHLON, specific training is sub-threshold. The steady, sub-threshold miles are what you should do near your races. That means the off-season is a time for more general work, which, for triathletes, means super-threshold work. Winter is a great time for shorter, higher-intensity work that triathletes should NOT do in-season.

I think most triathletes could benefit from a plan like the TT Tune Up or Crit Crusher that are designed more towards high-mitochondria and glycolytic power. Typically periodization for a IM/HIM triathlete should be roughly inverted from what a roadie is doing. “Base” in the summer, because that’s what is SPECIFIC to IM/HIM triathlon.


And that’s why I could never be a triathlete haha. OP, listen to Rappstar, he knows a thing or two about this.

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