TT tune up vs Active offseason

Hey guys. Last week some drunk ran me over while I was outdoors. As a result, I got a broken wrist and a broken hand, sadly my training bike got destroyed.

I have a few weeks of indoor training ahead. I was training for my 3rd Half Ironman, but now I can kiss that goodbye.

Since the only thing I can do is cycling, and not even outdoors, I decided to enroll in one of the flexible training plans, but I can’t decide on which should I use.

My goal would be not to lose my current FTP and if anything, improve it, although I can only ride my tri bike in the aero position because of the wrist. I used to train between 12-16 hours prior to the accident so I don’t mind the volume.

Which is why I’m considering Active Offseason. I like its periodization, and the fact that includes longer rides. However, TT Tune seems more inline with holding sustained efforts for prolonged time, which sounds the kind of riding I’m used to in triathlon.

Which of the two should I pick in your opinion?

I don’t know anything about the Zwift workouts, but wanted to send some healing vibes your way! Getting hit by a car is never good. Take care and heal!

I hope that you’ll recover quickly.
I would go for the “Build Me Up” training plan first followed by the TT Tune up (6 to 8 weeks before your race)
Get well