Windows Application not responding/crashing

I have been using zwift successfully for a while now. I have a high powered PC and use steam link to display this across my home network.

Since i know you do not support steam link (or virtualhere to share the usb ant+) i dont wish for assistance with that but have an issue with the current zwift version.
I can run sufferfest perfectly with no issues with steam link, ant+ or my pc - running this across the network.

Unfortunately the game is suffering lag/stuttering on either startup or within 3 minutes of the game working. This affects the bandwidth across my network and when viewing on the pc, the game is not responding (however task manager is showing low cpu/ram usage).
When i do get going it works for 3 minutes and then crashes - the game closes on the pc and I lose the ride. Had there been an issue with the steam link/network drop, the game should continue to run on the PC and I am able to end ride and save.

There are no issues with the PC, nor are there with the network or steam link. The issue is solely with zwift and since the recent update.

Windows 10
Zwift 1.0.49821
Tacx ant+ device
Elite drivo II

The app hangs and crashes, regardless of steam link. My windows 10 PC has an issue with zwift, or vice versa.