Win 10...Old Interface

Greetings all. After some tech advice around the app interface, please.

I have been running Zwift on a laptop with Win 11 but was having hangs and freezes every other day so I’ve swapped to an older laptop, new hard drive, running Win 10.

I have the latest version of Zwift…have manually checked for updates, but the interface is the ‘old’ interface, not the most recent release that runs on my Win 11 laptop.

Can’t figure out if that’s just how it is, or if im missing something.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, it downloads and installs the latest version and nothing comes up when I manually check for updates.

Windows Update all up to date. The Zwift log folder has ‘Launcher (old)’ listed, not sure if that is relevant.

Anyone have any pearls of wisdom they are able to share, please?



If you’ve still got the old Home screen, it will be because you’re using one of a small minority of integrated graphics setups that have problems with the new Home screen qnd therefore Zwift sticks to the old Home.

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Yeah that’s it, old home screen, couldn’t think of the term.

And no workaround i assume…so stuck with old homescreen or glitchy performance on the other setup.

yep pretty much you can read here on possible issue with win 11 if you are running with integrated graphics but i’m not sure there is really any solution.

Thanks. I think stability and old homescreen beats glitchy new look, especially as I’m racing more. It’s a minor detail really in the grand scheme of things.

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