Is new Windows UI rollout still ongoing?

Now that iOS rollout has kicked off, what does that mean for Windows 10/11 users?

Just a bit impatient but I’ll survive. :wink:

For some reason I thought that iOS was the last platform to see the update and everyone else had it.

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If you haven’t got the new home screen on Windows yet, it means that your setup is part of a small subset that has issues with the new UI, so Zwift are holding off rolling it out to you.


If you are on Windows and still don’t have the new home screen then it most likely is due to your GPU not being compatible with the new layout. Not sure why the new home screen needs so much graphics power to work… but that is what Zwift support has indicated.

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I’m definitely running on older hardware and would not be surprised that is the limitation, but given that I can play the game, I’m perplexed as well about the UI. Would you happen to know what the GPU minimum requirement is?

Thank you, I feel so special if that is the issue. I know I’m on older hardware but if I can still play the game, I’m confused. Thanks again!

Not sure what GPU is causing the issue, but they are apparently working on it

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Fun fact: that was first mentioned six months ago.

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Thank you Mike, much appreciated.

Here’s an example:


It’s a relatively simple layout, can’t see why it needs to run our computers that hard.

Why does it need its own Zwift worlds in the background? Surely a static image or looping video would do.

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I can live with it so long as I get what I needed to ride.

However, from a developmental POV its rather shambolic for a platform I joined 8 years ago this month…

All the promises, investments and belief… we are still on second gear.