Will Zwift keep my run data if I do not Save/Upload after the run?

I like that zwift uploads my rides to Garmin, Strava, and Trainingpeaks for me. However, I do not use my computer for running with zwift, I use the phone app.

Because of that, I run with my Fenix 5 watch to collect my speed and heart rate data, as the fenix is much more accurate than the Milestone footpad I use to interface with Zwift and my phone does not pick up my heart rate data.

Therefore, I have to go manually delete the Zwift run data from Garmin/Training Peaks/Strava after each run, the Garmin also uploads its own, more accurate run file with the data I need.

So my question is, will Zwift keep track of my total miles run/unlocks/xp gained if at the end of the run I just click the Trashcan/Discard icon to avoid the upload? Or will it undo any progress made during the run?

I believe it will be stored here: https://my.zwift.com

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I’m pretty sure that if you hit the trash can, that activity’s data is lost. A work around for you might be to disconnect Zwift from all of your 3rd party fitness apps. Later if you want to upload to a particular one you can download the fit file from Zwift.com.

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If thats the case, then unfortunately its easier/faster to delete activities on three platforms when I run than to manually upload the data on them when I ride. :confused: