Will Wifi Boost help with Dropouts?

Hi! My husband rides Zwift using a Wahoo KickrSnap and an Apple TV. I ride next to him using a TaxNeo2 and my MBP. (The room is really small, so we are. side-by-side and almost pedal-to-pedal.) He is having issues with drop outs. He’ll be riding along and his watts will drop down to 15, then bounce all over. I thought it might be because I’m riding next to him (I have no connection problems at all) but it will happen when he rides alone (though not as often). I’ve changed the ghz on our router to 5ghz, and that seemed to help.

Would buying a WIFI booster also help? I’d like to get some feedback before I drop another $50.


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He’ll be riding along and his watts will drop down to 15, then bounce all over

I don’t think improving the wifi would help here and most likely adding another source of potential signal interference (a wifi booster) might actually make things worse. If the signal from the trainer is being interrupted, even when he is riding alone, I would lean towards something else in the environment causing the issue.

Is there any room to move some things around to see if that helps things improve? Can you move fans further away, or other devices that could cause signal interference?

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Not necessarily. I have to turn off the wifi booster in our household as it increases drop outs to my zwift system.

I had Wi-Fi drop outs. I purchased a booster and has worked brilliantly for me. I’d say give it a try, if it doesn’t work send it back.

There is a difference between standard Wifi booster/repeater and those of them that can extend the network seamlessly. Read the linked post. My older TPLink repeater acted as what Darell wrote above - more interference, dropouts of Zwift and work calls. I switched it for a newer TPLink repeater with OneMesh feature and since then no more drops ever.

There may indeed be interference in the 2.4 GHz spectrum where both Wifi and BT run. Some channels can also be used by others if you are living in apartment area. Changing to 5 GHz can help but remember that it has smaller range than 2.4 GHz.

My wife and i both ride Zwift together, both on Neo2T’s, ALL connections, except her HRM, are on Bluetooth. We use two PC’S. We never have that problem. The Neo’s are virtually touching, we’re outside in a concrete garage with the house double skin brick wall between that and the router. You don’t say but are you connecting with ANT+ or BT?