Will we see the most riders on Zwift today?

The firs few tuesdays of the year is very popular in the land of Zwift.

Last year 8 Jan 2019 we saw 13,064

What is your prediction for the highest number of Zwifters riding?

My guess : 15,676

I’ve already seen it top 11,000 this year.

My guess: 14,863

Closest without going over wins 100,00 Dropz (but we can’t transfer them, so bragging rights only).

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we are getting there.

Even more now :smiley:

Climbing fast now.

I wouldn’t say climbing fast, but it is going up.

I might jump on later to finish the run I started this morning.

Faster than I climb… LOL

Will it hit 15,000?

If it does I will give away my Tron bike (never used, garage kept).

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I will log in 30m :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

14,571 now

14,744 when I just checked

I’m going to lose…

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Up up up

It is dropping, Highest I seen is 14,790

I think @Mike_Rowe_KZOO.velo is the closest.

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down to 14,078 now, maybe I was the closest?

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So let’s see what next tuesday bring.

but for now you are the closest. That 100,00 dropz is safe.

Eric saw a slightly higher number 14,812