Will we see the most riders on Zwift today?

It is Tuesday the second one this year, what do you think will we see more than last week. Will we exceed 15,000.

I already won @Gerrie_Delport the contest is over :rofl: :rofl: :crazy_face: :ride_on:

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14,251 at 12:38 pm EST

Just saw that I think we will see big numbers today.

Just broke the 15,000 ceiling

We just broke 15,000
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getting close to your number 15,459 at 12:55 pm EST

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I think my guess will be low. :thinking:

15,585 right now and climbing a little

Just passed @Gerrie_Delport guess, 15,697

So who will win?

  • DC Rainmaker: 21,000
  • Nathan Guerra: 20,000
  • Eric Schlange: 18,289
  • Simon Schofield: 18,000
  • Shane Miller: 16,666

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I think 1:30 pm EST will be the peak time, when all the TdZ events are running at the same time

That is a good point.

15,938 I saw just now

Come on Zwifters don’t let Shane win. LOL

I wonder if ZwiftHQ is all sitting around refreshing the companion app.

just broke 16,000

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I see Simon started riding, that will help his numbers. :slight_smile: :rofl:

That is a lot of people on Zwift.

Look like Daren got the peak number.

16,197 was the highest number I saw, going back down now.