Wife changed weight and I didn’t notice

So I just completed Stage 3 Group A and it wasn’t until I reached the end of the ride that I realised my wife had changed the body weight setting. I was watching a movie and was distracted.

I’m 90kg with a FTP of 288 but completed the ride at 64kg with a 3.5w/kg.

I was only paying attention to HR as it was a recovery ride. Now ZwiftPower has me at C (almost B) which I’m not near this level.

Is there a way I can reverse this?

Hit up zwiftpower@zwift.com. You’ll need to provide your excuse, ZP ID and event ID.

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She uses your account? Change the password!


Unless you’re trying to collect data for training purposes who cares. The Tour de Zwift or whatever its called isn’t an actual race and the results don’t mean anything so I’d just let it go.

Bit of an issue if it puts him up a category and wants to enter races.

Mate no point as she uses it once a week for some cardio. Free ride on Tempus Fugit.

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Ok, I should know this but I’m drawing a blank.
Zwift Power category is based on top 3 races in 90 days.
Does event (non race) performance count?
There’s been suggestions that the data should come from all available rides but I was not aware that it had changed.
Is my initial understanding incorrect,?

You´re almost right - the best 5 races in 90 days count: zwiftpower FAQ

My wife and I shared my account for quite some time. She only did free rides and group rides with my metrics; just for the fun of it. One day she decided she wanted her own account and is now even more addicted than me … :crazy_face:

This is about the ranking, not the rider category. For the category, Tim is right, it is 3 (press for example the little i-icon in your profile besides the category).

You don’t have to worry about that result you are still in the C category so you can still race C.

Zwift Power use the best of the last 3 events. (Yes group rides count.

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When I saw the title of this thread, I thought “Oh-oh! This dudes in serious trouble”…


When I saw the title I thought “keeper”.