Wi_Fi dropping connection during rides

Thanks James. I have asked about it in a few places, and gotten quite a few responses confirming others are having the same issue. (Pic shows what appears). This happened today to our ride lead on a group event, and to many on our team during yesterday’s ZRL race (not even in the same races but across several teams). I’ve posted over on the game update thread today, hopefully some answers soon or maybe it’s a bug fixed in today’s update. It is challenging to lose comms for extended periods whilst leading!

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Disconnections can be local network issues in the home, but the error is non-specific. It could also be a network problem upstream from the user in an ISP network, or downstream from Zwift, or in Zwift’s hosting network, load balancers, etc. The error doesn’t tell us anything about where it happened.

Hi, I am getting really frustrated with this issue. I have super fast Sky broadband and strong wifi signal where my bike is and this issue usually occurs at the most inconvenient moment (mid race) all the riders disappear and I am racing by myself for a few minutes and by that point the race is ruined. Its not that practical for me to run a network cable, but hoping there is a fix to resolve these UDP dropouts with a sky broadband setup. If anyone has the answer I would appreciate the fix as I start each race not knowing if the race will be trashed by this bug and let my team down. Thanks in advance!